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Joseph on whether there’s hope for Klaroline [x]

recent Candice quote on Klaroline 
∟ “She likes to be very safe. She’s safe within her bubble in Mystic Falls, and she could never dream of going anywhere else, but the viewers have seen her grow into such a strong character. Then you bring in Klaus, who has lived out every dream and every fantasy and has been around for such a long time, and who still, at the core, wants the same thing that Caroline wants — just to be loved. We may finally see Caroline falter in her quest to resist Klaus’ charms.”

<3 <3 <3

&lt;3 Peeta Mellark &lt;3

<3 Peeta Mellark <3

<3 Victoria & Billy - Meant To Be <3

Peeta Mellark + Blue ; requested by peetabrollark

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Dair = Destiny &lt;3

Dair = Destiny <3

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My latest vid - OBSESSED with The Hunger Games!!!

Gah, I love Dair - they’re so perfect!!!

Oh my god… too freakin’ hot!

Josh on the cave scene.